Investing in Switzerland

Economy: which sectors and professions should you invest in in Switzerland?

The attractiveness of the Swiss economy is justified by the quality and diversity of the sectors and professions that contribute to market growth. Despite rising inflation, the Swiss economy remains one of the most attractive and prosperous in the world. Workers are better paid than in other countries, and businesses quickly appreciate in value.

If you want to add profitability to your investments in the Swiss economy, you need to choose sectors and businesses whose growth index is not too volatile. In this article, we take a look at some of the leading sectors and businesses that can give you a substantial return on your investment.

1. Investing in property in Switzerland

A number of surveys have shown that Switzerland will remain one of the most receptive and favourable countries for property investment. The economic environment and the socio-cultural context bear witness to the attractiveness of investing in this sector. Real estate remains a sure bet on which you can put your money.

Whether you live in Lausanne, Geneva, French-speaking Switzerland or the canton of Vaud, particularly in the major cities or on the outskirts, you stand a better chance of making a return on your property investment in Switzerland. Among the types of investment to consider, you can choose the most basic formulas, such as buying and renting. These are considered to be risk-free if you want to get a return on your investment.

In French-speaking Switzerland in particular, the market is very efficient, secure and attractive, because in this area, yield properties are rare and of very high quality, and they quickly find takers. Geneva continues to benefit from its position as a popular investment location, while Lausanne also offers attractive rental products.

2. Conquering the consumer goods and commodities market

Switzerland does not have raw materials. If you want to become a force to be reckoned with in the Swiss market, you will definitely need to invest in importing consumer goods and certain commodities. When choosing products, it's important to study the terrain and, above all, to define the needs of the city to which you want to bring your products.

If you don't know, the country is one of the biggest trading centres when it comes to marketing goods and consumer products. Cereal products could well be the goods you invest in. Sugar is also one of the products you can bet on.

Oil and mining products, as well as metal products, are very attractive and weigh heavily in the country's economic balance. You can trade in these products to maximise profits and returns on your investments. If you want to move into exporting, Switzerland stands out in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and chemical products.

3. Invest in engineering

If you don't want to train as an engineer, you can set up a school or training centre for this profession. Engineering in Switzerland is one of the most highly paid professions after medicine and law. Engineers in this country can earn at least CHF 120,000 a year. Of course, this salary varies according to the engineer's experience and area of specialisation.

Regardless of the city in which you work as an engineer, the sector is very promising. Biomedical engineers, for example, are always busy because of the large-scale export of pharmaceutical and medical products. If you want to develop as a civil engineer, there's a place for you in Switzerland.

IT engineers also contribute to the local economy, as do marketing engineers, who are now attracting growing interest from Swiss companies. Some figures suggest that engineers' salaries can rise very quickly, reaching CHF 145,000 for those working in banking and finance.

4. Opening a law firm in Switzerland

Swiss legislation is fairly dynamic and complex because of its political system, administration and regime. For various matters, the presence of a Swiss lawyer is very important in order to advise and support people. If you work in the legal profession, you can open a law firm in Switzerland to create a strong and profitable economy.

The profession of lawyer is quite profitable in the country because in the big law firms, a lawyer can earn more than CHF 300,000 a year. Lawyers specialising in business or tax law are particularly sought after, for the simple reason that the business world in Switzerland is changing quite rapidly. A law firm cannot afford to be idle in Switzerland if it offers very good profiles, especially those specialising in the management of commercial and employment disputes.

5. Investment fund management in Switzerland

Financial investments in Switzerland are booming because of the attractiveness of the stock market. To take advantage of this dynamism, you can set up an investment fund management company to piggyback your success on the major deals that are being booked day by day.

The financial centre that Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and other cities occupy is an important lever for setting up your fund management business in one of these cities. These are major centres for asset management in Europe. Investment fund managers in Switzerland can earn up to CHF 500,000 a year. This figure can increase depending on their experience and results in asset management.