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Our study supports deductions that are tailored to your situation according to new tax practices and laws. We offer you our expertise not only for extremely complex tax returns, but also for simple declarations and of course at the best prices.

Tax Return

The creation of a company is a project that requires a lot of preparation, a bad decision could have an impact on the future of the company...

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The creation of a company is a project that requires a lot of preparation, a bad decision could have an impact on the future of the company...

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Accounting and Salary Management

Accounting is a financial data management tool that lets companies and organizations such as associations and...

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The value-added tax is an indirect tax collected and perceived by the confederation at different stages of production and distribution...

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Corporate Tax Retun

According to the Swiss law, the word legal entity comprises limited liability companies, limited companies...

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Legal entity tax return

According to Swiss law, the term legal entity includes liability companies

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Who we are?

Tax Manager is a company active in the administrative service and tax consultancy. We mainly prepare tax returns for natural persons (individuals) and legal entities, as well as other tasks related to investment and business management. Our experience and knowledge of Swiss tax laws make us one of the best expertise on the Swiss market, our study is often solicited by several Swiss schools and universities in order to share with them our knowledge and experience in taxation; we have already contributed to the training of several executives who currently hold very important positions in various companies.

We care about our clients

Tax Manager has many years of experience in the areas of accounting, taxation, personnel management, law and Swiss economics and finance. Our employers, who come from diverse backgrounds, have the necessary international experience to enable them to better understand our international clients in order to integrate them into the Swiss economic system and to help them in all their personal and professional steps.


Geneva rejects tax increases

Geneva rejects tax hikes The Swiss authorities have recently taken new measures with regard to taxation. According to our information, Geneva's large fortunes are now exempt from the solidarity contribution. At the same time, the law on the taxation of real estate has been revised. Read on to find out more. Large fortunes will no longer pay the solidarity contribution It's now official. In Geneva, people with a fortune of more than 3 million Swiss francs will no longer pay the solidarity contribution. At least, that's what emerged from the ballot count at the end of a recent parliamentary vote on an initiative by the left and the unions. If this law had been passed, it wou...

03 July 2023

Reduce your tax

It is obvious that each taxpayer considers that he pays more tax than necessary, nevertheless the Swiss tax system grants some quite legal choices allowing to reduce the tax burden, we will therefore try to give you some solutions which can be more or less adapted to your situation;

Fiduciary Nyon Geneva

Contribution to the 3rd pillar

The 3rd pillar is an old age, survivors' and invalidity pension system included in the Swiss constitution, it serves mainly to supplement the 1st and 2nd pillar income. In contrast to the 1st and 2nd pillar, the maximum contribution to the linked 3rd pillar for employees is CHF 6,826 per yea...

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Fiduciary Montreux

Contribution to the 2nd pillar

In addition to the first pillar (AVS), the law provides for a second contribution, the so-called 2nd pillar, which is compulsory for all employees with an annual salary of more than CHF 21,330; this contribution is shared between the employee and the employer, who must pay at least 50% of the con...

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Fiduciary Pully Gland Renens

Choice of canton and municipality

The Swiss tax system is characterised by the sovereignty of the cantons, which define the tax rates for individuals and companies according to their needs. This obviously creates a certain amount of competition between the cantons, which try to attract more and more activities to their territorie...

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Tax Source

Asserting dependants

You can claim the deduction for dependants even if the person lives abroad, but you must prove that you are helping the person financially (bank or postal transfers, money transfers, bill payments, etc.) The dependant must be unable to support himself or herself, the tax authorities sometimes as...

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Training costs

Deduct the costs of further training, retraining, reintegration

The costs of further training, retraining and reintegration are fully deductible according to the tax law, but training includes the acquisition of new knowledge completely different from one's profession or field of activity, which is why training is not deductible under the tax definition. Fur...

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Fiduciary Nyon Lausanne Montreux

Deduction of medical expenses

As a rule, you cannot miss the deduction of the health insurance lump sum in your tax return.The cantonal tax authorities will take over the deduction even if you do not claim it on your tax return, but the deductible lump sum for your health insurance depends on the canton of residence according...

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19 Feb 2024

Why is the 3ᵉ pillar important before retirement?

Why is the 3ᵉ pillar important before retirement? The 3ᵉ pillar refers to optional individual retirement savings that supplement the 1ᵉʳ and 2ᵉ pillars of the Swiss old-age pension system. In practical terms, it involves building up additional capital to optimise your income after you s...

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09 Feb 2024

How do you ensure the succession of your SME?

How do you ensure the succession of your SME? A successful entrepreneur is not immune to the unexpected, such as a serious illness or accident. Quick action is essential. Here are the best recommendations for selling your business at the right time. Start succession planning as early as the age...

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07 Feb 2024

Why the increase in VAT rates in Switzerland?

Why are VAT rates increasing in Switzerland? VAT, or value added tax, is an indirect tax levied on the consumption of goods and services. In Switzerland, as in many other countries, VAT is an essential component of public finances. The increase in VAT rates in Switzerland, effective from 1 Janua...

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07 Feb 2024

The Swiss franc's rise in value against the euro and the dollar: an in-depth analysis

The Swiss franc's rise in value against the euro and the dollar: an in-depth analysis The Swiss franc, renowned for its stability and secure value on the financial markets, continues to attract the interest of investors and economists alike. In particular, Switzerland's relatively solid ...

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07 Feb 2024

NFTs, an emerging asset class

NFTs, an emerging asset class NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are radically transforming the digital art and investment sectors. As digital assets registered on a blockchain, they offer the possibility of holding and exchanging unique collections, works of art and virtual real estate in complete s...

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