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Our study supports deductions that are tailored to your situation according to new tax practices and laws. We offer you our expertise not only for extremely complex tax returns, but also for simple declarations and of course at the best prices.

Tax Return

The creation of a company is a project that requires a lot of preparation, a bad decision could have an impact on the future of the company...

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The creation of a company is a project that requires a lot of preparation, a bad decision could have an impact on the future of the company...

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Accounting and Salary Management

Accounting is a financial data management tool that lets companies and organizations such as associations and.....

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The value-added tax is an indirect tax collected and perceived by the confederation at different stages of production and distribution...

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Corporate Tax Retun

According to the Swiss law, the word legal entity comprises limited liability companies, limited companies...

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Who we are?

Tax Manager is a company active in the administrative service and tax consultancy. We mainly prepare tax returns for natural persons (individuals) and legal entities, as well as other tasks related to investment and business management. Our experience and knowledge of Swiss tax laws make us one of the best expertise on the Swiss market, our study is often solicited by several Swiss schools and universities in order to share with them our knowledge and experience in taxation; we have already contributed to the training of several executives who currently hold very important positions in various companies.

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We care about our clients

Taxation according to the family situation

The taxation of natural persons (individuals) depends on their family situation and not on the exercise of a gainful activity, whether you are employed or independent, your taxation will depend on several elements outlined above are considered to determine your family situation;

The income and wealth of spouses or registered partners are added together regardless of the plan mentioned. Only one tax return is considered in the following cases:

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Sovereignty and tax competition between cantons

Before trying to explain the competition on taxing legal entities, we are first going to explain the functioning of Swiss taxation. The Swiss political system is that of a federal state which has established the separation of powers and has constituted three authorities, the federal, cantonal and communal authorities.

The Swiss tax system is characterized by the sovereignty of the cantons which define according to their needs the tax rate for natural persons (individuals) and legal entities, this evidently create a certain competition between cantons that try to attract more and more companies by their tax system, which increase production, consumption and reduce unemployment in their turn.

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Spontaneous denunciation

Taxpayers (natural persons (individuals) and legal entities) who have not declared all their income or assets in Switzerland and abroad may voluntarily regularize their situation with the tax authorities making a spontaneous denunciation that is not punishable by law, provided that the tax authority has not yet become aware of its income and assets, the tax authority bills the unpaid tax difference with default interest.

For spontaneous denunciation, the taxpayer must cooperate fully with the tax authorities and provide all necessary documents to determine the taxable items for the last ten years.

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The recovery of the withholding tax

The withholding tax is a 35% tax levied on the income of movable assets such as: dividends, interest on capital, profit shares, lottery winnings ... to pay the federal government contribution. This tax is not definitive and may be recovered in certain cases:, we will try to explain to you briefly the operation of this imposition and in which it could be recovered;

  • For Swiss residents (natural persons)
  • For legal entities in Switzerland LLC, PLC....
  • For natural and legal persons residing or having their registered offices abroad
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It is obvious that each taxpayer considers that he pays more tax than necessary, nevertheless the Swiss tax system grants some quite legal choices allowing to reduce the tax burden, we will therefore try to give you some solutions which can be more or less adapted to your situation;