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Online tax return

Preparing your tax return is often perceived as a stressful and complex task. However, we have developed an innovative solution to make this process easier. The application we have is the first of its kind in Switzerland. Thanks to our platform, you can easily upload and organize all the documents you need for your tax return. You won't worry about missing documents or where to find them.

What's more, if you wish, you can share your files with your current trustee so that he or she can check if any information is missing for your tax return. The application also features an intelligent intelligent algorithm that asks you all the right questions for your tax situation. You'll also be constantly informed of the status of your application through automatic notifications by e-mail and SMS. It's important to us to keep you informed every step of the way.

We also offer e-mail and telephone support to help you with any difficulties you may encounter. You can access your account to download and view your tax return, as well as our tax estimate. Your tax returns are stored securely in our database database for five years. After this period, the data will be permanently destroyed.

Our application is ultra-secure, with double authentication for maximum protection. We use an ultra-secure cloud to store your data, guaranteeing data exchange security than any other existing system.

Opt for our state-of-the-art application and enjoy a stress-free, secure tax preparation experience! preparation experience! Let us take care of your taxes while you focus on what really matters to you. that really matters to you.