Spontaneous denunciation

Taxpayers (natural persons (individuals) and legal entities) who have not declared all their income or assets in Switzerland and abroad may voluntarily regularize their situation with the tax authorities making a spontaneous denunciation that is not punishable by law, provided that the tax authority has not yet become aware of its income and assets, the tax authority bills the unpaid tax difference with default interest.

For spontaneous denunciation, the taxpayer must cooperate fully with the tax authorities and provide all necessary documents to determine the taxable items for the last ten years.

In the case of spontaneous denunciation, also called self-denunciation, the taxpayer escapes not only a criminal complaint but also a fine ranging from 1/3 to 3 times the tax evaded, it should be noted that self-denunciation can only be initiated once and covers the last ten years preceding the announcement.

If the taxpayer makes a self-report a second time, he is liable to a fine, a reminder of tax and interest for late payment.

In case of succession:

In the event of an inheritance not declared by the deceased, the heirs may benefit from a simplified tax reminder if they spontaneously announce the income and wealth not declared by the deceased, the tax authority notifies the tax supplements over three years instead of ten.